Best Winter Jeep Accessories: Part 1

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and the Christmas decorations are starting to sneak their way onto the store shelves. You know what that means — Old Man Winter is coming once again, which means for us Jeep riders that it’s time to start prepping our Wranglers for handling the elements.

If this is your first winter as a Jeep Wrangler owner, you will learn quickly that without the proper Jeep accessories, hazardous winter weather can wreak havoc on your Jeep and your experience riding it. Some aftermarket Jeep accessories are made specifically for winter riding to help you better combat the elements and make sure your ride stays as smooth and safe as possible.

Here at Altitude Jeep, we don’t want the change of seasons to affect your ability to enjoy your Jeep year-round, which is why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list featuring some of the essential aftermarket Jeep accessories to install or have on hand for your winter Wrangler rides.


Aftermarket Jeep Accessory 1: Floor Liners

This is one of the more obvious accessories to have ready to go in your ride for embracing the snowy winter months, but it is also one of the most imperative. If you live anywhere that gets a significant amount of snow in the winter, then you are well aware of how quickly mud and water can build up in your Jeep floors from trudging around in the snow and tracking your boots in and out on a daily basis, therefore ruining your carpet.

WeatherTech floor liners eliminate this problem. Their deep grooves and rubberized makeup contains mud, slush, and water and prevents it from getting the chance to get to your carpet or upholstery.

Aftermarket Jeep Accessory 2: All-Terrain Tires

If you want to do anything fun in the powder with your Jeep this winter or you live in an area that is prone to getting icy road conditions, you’re going to need some winter traction. While you can opt to purchase a set of winter tires that you reinstall on your Jeep each year as the season comes back around, our Mickey Thompson all-terrain tires offer an affordable option and are suitable for driving year-round. These aftermarket tires have enhanced wet weather capability for handling the winter road slush, siped tread lugs with variable draft angles for better traction and stone ejection, and angled shoulder scallops with mud pocket scoops for better traction in mud and loose soil.


Aftermarket Jeep Accessory 3: Mud Guards

Winter is usually accompanied by snow, and snow is always accompanied by mud. Having mud guards thrown on your Wrangler will not only help you keep mud from gunking up on your tires and decreasing your traction, but it will also be appreciated by your fellow winter road warriors (and pedestrians) that prefer not to have mud from your Jeep’s tires sprayed onto them as you drive by.

Our custom molded Husky mud guards at Altitude Jeep are designed for full-tire tread coverage and maximum length, helping to prevent damage to your vehicle while keeping your running boards clean and minimizing flying road debris.


Aftermarket Jeep Accessory 4: Spare Tire Cover

Another overlooked Jeep accessory that comes in handy during the winter months is protection for your spare tire. What better way to do just this than with a spare tire cover featuring the classic Jeep Wrangler branding?


Continue on to Part Two of our checklist of winter Jeep accessories! 



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