Best Winter Jeep Accessories: Part 2

Continuing off of Part One of our list of the best aftermarket Jeep accessories to get your Wrangler stocked with for embracing the winter, the following are our final four recommendations of products we offer at Altitude Jeep that can make your winter riding much more manageable.

Aftermarket Jeep Accessory 5: Storage Bag

When taking your Jeep out on winter weekend adventures, whether it be to the slopes or the trails, you’re likely to get some wet gear along the way. These innovative storage bags are a great solution for storing wet clothing from the day or trash that can be kept outside of your Jeep so there’s no worries of the interior getting covered in a faint smell of mildew. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, you can find the perfect storage bag to complement the look of your Jeep while keeping it clean and organized.

Aftermarket Jeep Accessory 6: Fender Flares

Add over 9 inches in the front and 4.5 inches in the rear to the tire coverage of your Jeep with Bushwacker Flat Style Fender Flares, including LED side marker lights to keep things legal. These aftermarket Jeep accessories offer easy installation by using the existing factory fender holes and provide severe offroad articulation and durability. They’re the first fender flares of their kind to not only protect your Jeep fenders and doors, but to also absorb impact with the use of Dura-Flex 2000 TPO.

Aftermarket Jeep Accessory 7: Spot Lights

Haze, fog, rain, sleet, and snow are all elements that can make winter vision on the road or on the trails extremely difficult without the right gear for your Jeep — especially at night. Use some aftermarket Jeep spotlights to get more output while consuming very little power. These Jeep LED lights are incredibly versatile — they can be used for virtually any lighting application. Cut through everything standing between you and the road ahead with these beamz.

Aftermarket Jeep Accessory 8: Winter Winching

Last but certainly not least, having a good winch system installed on your Jeep will not only come in handy for those times you get yourself into a pickle of too deep of snow, but will also make you the savior of the winter roads as you can easily pull other vehicles out of ditches that have lost control on slippery surfaces. The Smittybilt XRC works as a build-your-own bumper that comes with winch plates and D-ring mounts to easily attach cables and winches for pulling up to 15,000 pounds.

Winter is quickly approaching. We hope that if you plan on getting down and dirty in your Wrangler during these cold months and battling the winter elements that you will get your hands on some of these aftermarket Jeep accessories to make it a whole lot easier. Browse our entire inventory of products for winterizing your Jeep online at Altitude Jeep today to elevate your ride!


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