Choosing The Right Jeep Grill For You

Here at Altitude Jeep, we’re all about helping people elevate their ride.

We do this by providing the best aftermarket Jeep accessories and custom parts for bringing new looks and new life to Wranglers nationwide.

With that being said, we know there are a plethora of aftermarket Jeep accessories out there for you to choose from when attempting to begin the process of customizing your ride to your unique style. That’s why for this week’s blog post, we want to help with one of the most difficult customizing decisions of them all — which Jeep grill?

There is no denying the iconic look of the seven-slot Jeep grill is a classic that will never go out of style. If you want to have your Wrangler stand out from the pack, though, we have a few suggestions for which aftermarket Jeep grill to buy based on your riding style, desired look, and other factors that go into selecting the best aftermarket Jeep parts for your one-of-a-kind, custom whip.

So, without further adieu, these are our picks for the best aftermarket Jeep grills (surprise, we carry them all!) and which type of Jeepers they pair with best. Once you find the one that’s for you, order any of our mugz online today to have them shipped for free to you just in time for the holidays!


Altitude Gladiator Ghost Jeep Grill

The Sleek and Stealthy - Gladiator Ghost Shark Grill

For those who don’t want to give up their iconic seven-slot Jeep grill but want a more sleek and unique look for their Wrangler, the Ghost Shark fits the bill. This grill is for the night riders of the Jeeping world with its minimal black look, but it’s also for those that eat trails and inclines for breakfast with its massive vent for heavy-duty air intake. These jeep grills are hard to find outside of our aftermarket Jeep shop, so you can order one knowing that you are sure to sneakily stand out from the other Wranglers on the road.


Altitude Gladiator Angry Birds Grill

The Beach Bums  - Gladiator Angry Birds Grill

This one’s for the more old school Jeepers out there that enjoy a moderate amount of muscle. The Angry Birds Grill takes the classic seven-slot grill look and throws some aggressive eyebrows on top to give a moderately mean look. Perfect for those Wrangler owners in warmer climates, this grill also has large vent openings for keeping your Jeep cool on those topless, doorless summer days on Ocean Boulevard.


Altitude Gladiator Prime Transformer Grill

The Desert Stormers  - Gladiator Prime Transformer Grill

This grill was not meant for the city slickers, but the desert-dwelling, rock crawling, adventure addict Wrangler owners looking for a look for their Jeep that matches their aggressive style. This mean muggin’ Jeep grill isn’t called a transformer for nothing — it can take a completely stock Jeep Wrangler and have it looking like Megatron in a matter of minutes. This aftermarket grill fits all Jeep Wrangler models besides the JL. Like we said, it’s not meant for car seats or urban streets, only the true off-road beasts.


Altitude Gladiator Eagle Eye Grill

The Super Heroes - Gladiator Eagle Eye Grill

Nothing screams “America” quite like the Gladiator Eagle Eye Grill. This aftermarket Jeep grill is meant for the Captain America’s of the world who are heroes in the office and on the backroads. Far from conventional yet not overly-aggressive, the Eagle Eye is a great option for those who like to live double lives, wearing their suits during the week with their off-roading capes hidden just beneath the surface ready to tackle the trails.


Altitude Gladiator Masterpiece Master Beast Grill

The Sons Of Anarchy -  Gladiator Masterpiece Master Beast Grill

This Jeep grill means business, plain and simple. It’s for the troublemakers of the Jeep community that go full beast mode, sinking their teeth into the more adrenaline-pumping Wrangler rides. With a look that could rival the meanest looking Harleys and hot rods on the road, get ready to go full throttle when you mount this custom grill to your Wrangler.


Altitude Gladiator Vader Grill

The Dark and Deceptive - Original Gladiator “Vader” Grill

Our personal favorite here at Altitude Jeep, the Gladiator Vader. Darth Vader-approved, this pure black monster of a grill will have the Priuses of the road fleeing in terror. Some even say they can hear it breathing like Darth Vader on occasion. With its sleek black design, no matter what color or model of Wrangler you drive, this Jeep grill is sure to bring your style to new heights and break necks on the trails. Show the world that your Jeep knows the force, and order one online today!


Altitude Mad Skull Jeep Grill

The Weekend Warriors - Mad Skull Grill

For those that are torn between the unique and unmatched mean look of the Gladiator Vader grill and the classic seven-slot Jeep grill design, we made something just for you. Featuring the original seven-slot front yet far from being stealthy like the Ghost grill, the Mad Skull is for the true weekend warriors of the world. A perfect hybrid of tradition and aggression, this grill will surely help you stand out from the pack while still retaining the iconic Jeep Wrangler look — a Jeep from outer space perhaps. You can order this grill online today in your choice of matte or gloss black for whichever best fits your Jeep’s character.


We hope that these descriptions have helped you to determine which aftermarket Jeep grill best fits the bill for your desired style. These are just a few of the Jeep grills in our line, so be sure to explore the rest of our Jeep mugz, and when you’re ready to elevate your ride, order yours online at Altitude Jeep!  


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