CO Jeep Trip Series: Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado, after our hometown Denver. A Jeep vacation in the Springs means having access to plenty of things to do in town, like great restaurants, accommodations, culture, and other attractions. And because the city sits right beside the foothills and at the foot of the iconic Pikes Peak, you also have access to great trails and other outdoor activities. 

Visiting a city like Colorado Springs is a great chance to show off your vehicle and celebrate Jeep life with other enthusiasts. Make sure your vehicle is looking the best by browsing our headlights, Jeep grills, Jeep hoods, and more here on our Jeep online store! Continue reading to learn tips and tricks for visiting Colorado Springs, and before you go order Jeep off-road accessories from Altitude Jeep! 

Mount Rosa and Mount Baldy

If you’re looking for a way to see the wildflowers filling an alpine valley, than the Mount Baldy, and nearby Mount Rosa, OHV trails are for you! They’re not just a single trail, but a network of different trails that give you the option to plan the distance and route that is right for you. 

Mount Rosa is a smooth, pleasant ride with great views out over Colorado Springs and the surrounding plains. You don’t need to disconnect your sway bar or worry about any of your Jeep off-road accessories getting scraped up on this trail. But don’t let the easy travel keep you away from this trail, because the views are some of the best you’ll find anywhere! Climb up to the top of the mountain and pull out your camp chairs — you’ll be able to stare out at the pine-covered mountains for hours.

Mount Baldy is a bit more challenging, with a steeper incline, bigger rocks, and a few tricky sections. If you’re an off-road pro, you’re likely to find it smooth sailing, but this terrain is a good test for a beginner or first timer. The trail gets narrow and the top, so if there are other Jeepers on the road you may have to make some hairy passes. Make sure you have the right parts and Jeep off-road accessories before you begin and you’re sure to have a fun, smooth, and beautiful trip! 

Pikes Peak Highway

Did you know that the words to “America the Beautiful” were originally written as part of a poem called “Pikes Peak”? If you drive up to the top of the mountain, you’ll see how the view could inspire such an iconic, patriotic song. 

Pikes Peak is one of the few mountains in the state over 14,000 feet that has a highway going all the way to the top. If you choose to drive the 19-mile road, you’ll be able to see both the Rocky Mountains and the plains from the summit. If you love cruising in you Jeep Wrangler on paved roads, then this highway is one of the best ways to enjoy breathtaking views and reach the summit of one of America’s most famous mountains. 

Garden of the Gods Park

This park has been rated the No. 1 park in the U.S. by TripAdvisor — and for good reason! The towering red rock formations are an otherworldly feat of nature. The park does not have Jeep trails, but there are plenty of hikes ranging from easy to intense. 

You can’t visit Colorado Springs without spending time at the Garden of the Gods park. The views are dramatic and you can learn the unique geology behind them at the Visitor and Nature Center. The rocks are one of the most photographed views in the state, so if you visit, be sure to get a picture with you and your Jeep (with all its Jeep off-road accessories) in front of them!

Ghost Town Museum

When we take our Jeeps, outfitted with our custom Jeep grills, out on the road, we always look for those strange little gems you can’t find elsewhere. In Colorado Springs, that gem is the Ghost Town Museum. When people rushed to find gold in the west during the late 1800s, hundreds of small towns popped up around our state to support them.

This museum honors that time and those communities, and shows off some of the strange artifacts from the time. Colorado has over 1,500 ghost towns, but as people leave the buildings themselves crumble, leaving nothing to mark the town, so only 640 remain. A great Jeep vacation would be visiting those towns, and taking your vehicle off-road on the small, dirt paths that remain. 

Altitude Jeep

Our Jeep online store is proud to be based in Denver, Colorado and we love sharing our insider tips on the best Jeep trails in the state with our readers and customers. When we’re not sourcing and shipping the highest-quality Jeep off-road accessories, like custom Jeep grills, we’re out on the road and trails. 

Our custom and aftermarket Jeep parts are second to none, and whether you’re a rock crawling off-road junkie, an overlander, or a Wrangler Jeep rider who likes to cruise the open road, Altitude Jeep has something for you! Browse our Jeep online store today!

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