CO Jeep Trip Series: Leadville

Leadville is a mountain town surrounded by 13,000 and 14,000-foot peaks and is at the headwaters of the Arkansas River. In fact at 10,152 feet, Leadville is the highest incorporated city in the United States! Leadville and the Two Lakes region is a great, off-the-beaten-path place to take your Jeep. Not only can you crawl trails through public land once you’re there, but you’ll also get to navigate some tricky mountain roads and passes to get there!

From downtown Leadville you can see Colorado’s two highest mountains — Mt. Elbert (14,433 ft.) and the aptly named Mt. Massive (14,421 ft.). And the Mosquito Range is home to yet another 14er — Mt. Sherman. Leadville is an off-road Jeep lover’s dream home-base with more than a million acres of national forest and other public land to explore outside of the town. 

A town built so high in the mountains, and so difficult to get to, means that it’s pretty tiny. Only 2,750 people live there year-round, but it’s a relatively popular summer destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The Jeepers here at Altitude Jeep highly recommend checking out this town if you have an adventurous spirit and some extra time to kill in Colorado. Use this blog series to plan your trip and check out our Jeep online store for accessories and aftermarket Jeep parts today

Mosquito Pass

The Mosquito Pass OHV road is a moderate drive that features beautiful wild flowers covering alpine valleys. You can start in Leadville and drive all the way to Fairplay, and if you have a decent stock vehicle, you’ll have a pretty easy ride. If it’s been a year of heavy snow pack, you may have difficulty finding a clear path and it’s usually closed during the winter because of the avalanche risk.

This is definitely a trail for those Jeepers who don’t have any fear of heights! And if you’re into crawling over rocks, there are a ton of half-buried ones to navigates as well as a few rock shelves. There are also plenty of spots to park and stretch your legs or go for a hike. Just be sure to avoid being up in the pass/plateau during the afternoon when dangerous thunderstorms can roll in without warning. Get out there in your Jeep with it’s aftermarket Jeep parts and conquer the pass!

Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes is a historic village near Leadville that features — you guessed it — two lakes. The view is picture-perfect: two sparkling glacial lakes reflecting giant, granite peaks. We’ve seen (and taken) the pictures of people leaning against their Jeeps in front of those lakes, and they’re something else. 

Our team at at Altitude Jeep recommend booking a room at one of the historic Inns and renting a kayak to go float out on the lake. Sometimes it is good to get out of the Jeep and let others admire your custom grills from the parking lot — they’ll be wishing they’d got them from our aftermarket Jeep store too. 

Altitude Jeep

Our online Jeep store is proud to be based in Denver, Colorado and we love sharing our insider tips on the best Jeep trails in the state and across the country with our readers and customers. When we’re not sourcing and shipping the highest-quality Jeep off-road accessories and aftermarket Jeep parts, we’re out on the road and trails ourselves. 

Our custom Jeep parts are second to none, and you should check out our online Jeep store before heading out on your off-road, rock crawling adventure! Check out our collections — like headlights, Jeep grills, Jeep hoods — today.

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