CO Jeep Trips Series: Meeker

We’re continuing our Colorado Jeep Trips series with a little town called Meeker, located in the northwest part of our state. While most visitors to our state flood Rocky Mountain National Park or ski towns like Aspen or Vail, we feel like part of our job at Altitude Jeep is to help take you off the beaten path. 

We’re known for doing things a little differently, which is why we offer custom Jeep parts. Our Jeep online store wants you to make your vehicle unique, and we also want you to make your road trip unique! Read on to learn about taking your Jeep to Meeker, Colorado and, before you go, order your custom Jeep parts today!

Explore Town

Meeker can be a little challenging to get to, but that’s part of the fun! The journey up to the northwest corner of the state is a scenic drive in and of itself. Meeker sits near the intersection of State Highway 13 and 64, on the north side of the White River and along the base of a long, beautiful ridge.

For us at Altitude Jeep, heading out to Meeker means getting out of the city and rediscovering a time when Colorado was a quieter, more simple place of small, rural towns. Downtown Meeker is picturesque, and we suggest stopping into one of the local bars, restaurants, or shops before or after hitting the trails.

White River National Forest

Meeker is the home base for the east entrance to the Wagon Wheel Trails system. These interconnected, rugged trails work their way through White River National Forest are are some of the best OHV terrain in the entire state. There’s something for everyone on these 250 miles of trail, including plenty of camping spots if you want to turn your trip into a multi-day adventure.

The trails follow some of the routes that settlers took through the mountains and they’re dotted with little ghost towns. We love how this trail system combines hard-scrabble rock ledges and historic sites. You’re also bound to see a variety of wildlife along the way — keep your eyes peeled for moose! The trails connect multiple counties, sprawling out across Northwest Colorado. 

Because this trail system is so long and one of the best you’ll find anywhere, you’re bound to run into other Jeep lovers at campsites or on the trail. So if you’ve set up your Jeep for the summer with Jeep grills or other Jeep accessories from our Jeep online store, you’re bound to find others who will appreciate your vehicle.

Meeker Sheepdog Trials

One of the largest, and most unique, parts of Meeker is the Classic Sheepdog Championship Trials, which is held every September. The purse is $20,000, and attracts competitors from across the country and Canada. Competitors from South Africa, Brazil, and the UK have also put in entries in the past. If you’ve ever seen the movie Babe, the competition looks pretty similar — owners in vests and herringbone hats watching their dogs herd sheep as quickly as possible into various pens. 

The trails are definitely a site to see, so if you’re taking your Jeep out to Meeker to catch some fall foliage, you should plan a day to stop by this local celebration of the local agricultural community!

Altitude Jeep

Altitude Jeep is based in Littleton, which is part of the Denver metro. And though heading out to Meeker is a bit of a hike for us, we’re always looking for an adventure. Since we need to cross the Rockies to get there, we know they’ll be some scenic highway driving along the way. Our city and the entire state of Colorado are part of what makes us so passionate about Jeep life. And it’s our passion to ship our custom Jeep parts to our community around the world.

If you’re planning a summer road trip, we can’t recommend visiting CO enough — it’s why we started this blog series! So whether you’re a rock crawling off-road junkie, an overlander, or a Wrangler Jeep rider who likes to cruise the open road, Altitude Jeep has something for you! Browse our Jeep online store today!

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