Custom Jeep Parts for Overlanding

All Jeepers know that the more time you spend in your Jeep, the more you’re going to want to add more custom Jeep parts, or overhaul the vehicle all together! No one is ever done. Your Jeep — just like your Jeep lifestyle  — is a living thing. That’s why we created Altitude Jeep and filled our online Jeep store with all the high-quality Jeep parts and Jeep accessories you could want for your build. 

Just as every trip is unique, so is every build and upgrade and mod. In today’s blog we’ll be looking at a few areas and parts to consider when working on a overlanding Jeep build. Contact us to learn more about the custom Jeep parts we offer, including Jeep accessories, wrangler custom parts, custom Jeep bumpers, and tons of other cool Jeep stuff. Rad our blog and browse our collections today!

The Essentials

Any long trip requires extensive planning  — and that’s especially true for a Jeep overland trip. You have to pick out the custom Jeep parts that are right for what you want out of your vehicle and your trip. Essentially, pick what fits your needs. The pros here at Altitude Jeep is here to help you make sure you’ve considered what’s most essential, though, and maybe remind you of something you forgot to check! Here’s what we think you should consider first:

  • Recovery and safety equipment, like shovels, inflation kits, and especially the winch to get yourself out of tight spots.
  • Food preparation and preservation items, like a good freezer, a cookset, and dishes.
  • Communication and navigation devices, like a CB radio and GPS system (don’t count on your phone to work in all the wild places you’re traveling).

And while this isn’t necessarily an item to remember, we highly suggest that you do your research before investing in any Jeep product. Not every custom Jeep part is made the same  — which is why we’ve spent so much time sourcing the highest-quality gear for our online Jeep store. Shop all of our collections here. We bet you’ll find something you’ve been looking for.


Suspension is essential for an overland trip. You’re putting a ton of miles on your vehicle, and you’ll need something that can stand up to that weight load and keep you riding smoothly. Well, relatively smoothly, you’re definitely going to spend some time crawling rocks. Don’t skim on suspension and consider upgrading or installing these components on your Jeep, or ordering some from a Jeep online store:

  • Adjustable stocks
  • Steering stabilizer
  • Ball joints
  • Front brake line extensions
  • Rear coil springs


Can we just say grilles? Or, as we say here at Altitude Jeep, Mugz. There’s nothing like a good grille to change the entire look of your Jeep. And, we believe, it’s the best custom Jeep part you can get to express yourself and show off your style. You can go from fierce and mean to mild-mannered, and you can even get custom paint and contrasting insets. Go ahead, browse our grilles collections. Oh, and also check out this list of other, less exciting but still essential, exterior options for your overland build: 

  • Locking gas cap
  • Hood catch latches
  • Trim rock sliders
  • Window rain guards for front and rear windows


When you’re on a long overland trip you’re going to be spending a lot of time inside your Jeep! And it’s worth it to make sure that you’re comfortable in there, especially if you’re traveling with friends, children, or other loved ones. We know how easy it is to be comfortable traveling alone in your vehicle, only to have a new girlfriend or boyfriend perch uncomfortably in the passenger seat. Don’t be that person. Build out your interior too. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Rear cupholder and storage
  • Floor mats 
  • Phone mount
  • New seat covers
  • Grab handles for the front and rear
  • Underseat storage
  • A good sound system 

If you really want to go for a top-grade interior, try putting in some custom LED lights. Make your Jeep unique with the coolest Jeep accessories. We’ll bet that you actually do want those blue aluminum door handles for your Jeep wrangler, or the portable sleeping pad, and you’ll definitely want that rear license plate mounted bottle opener for you when you pause for a cold one. 

Altitude Jeep Custom Jeep Parts

We’ve barely brushed the surface of what a custom overland Jeep build looks like and entails. Overlanding truly is one of the biggest Jeep adventures you can ever go on. And our Jeepers here at Altitude Jeep who’ve gone say that it’s a life changing experience. Just be sure to do the research and prepare your vehicle for the lengthy trip. There’s nothing worse, or more dangerous, than being stuck out on the trail. 

Our online Jeep store stocks custom Jeep parts that are second to none, so be sure to check out our collection before heading out on your overland adventure! Check out all our collections — like headlights, Jeep grills, Jeep hoods — today.

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