Getting Your Jeep Off-Road Ready

Jeep Wranglers are certainly known for their off-roading capabilities with their solid bodies and tough axles that allow Jeepers to venture off the beaten path into just about any terrain they please.

Although your Jeep comes ready to take on adventures right off the line with its stock parts and components, it can be improved immensely with the variety of aftermarket Jeep Wrangler parts available today. If you want to get the most out of your Jeep and truly elevate your ride to where it can handle any and all terrain you throw its way, there are a few aftermarket products that you will definitely need.

Here at Altitude Jeep, we have outlined the key elements to add to your Jeep’s potential for the best off-roading experience. Once you’re ready to get started elevating your ride, check out our full inventory of aftermarket Jeep products for off-roading.

Add Protection

Up until now, you might have ventured out into some open fields or some sand dunes with your Wrangler, but if you really want to take it to the next level on more extreme off-road trails, the first item on your list should be protecting your Jeep. Underbody protection is essential for keeping your Jeep in pristine condition as this is the most vulnerable area of your Jeep to damage from trail obstacles like rocks and branches.

The differential covers are the lowest hanging contact point on Wranglers that is most prone to damage when off-roading. They can take the brunt of the force from an exposed rock that you didn’t see creeping up on the trail. We recommend replacing these covers as well as the thin skin plates with a more heavy duty alternative that can stand up to the test more so than the stock parts provided.

Rock sliders are also a great investment for the purpose of off-road protection. When you are first getting your feet wet in the off-road world and find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place, these sliders will allow you to do just that — slide off of rocks without tearing up your Jeep’s entire undercarriage. They also offer a handy way to get in and out of your Jeep with more ease.

Add Clearance

The next item on the agenda for getting prepared to tackle harsh terrains is to give your Jeep’s body more distance from the ground. Adding even just a one or two-inch lift will give you more ground clearance to navigate past obstacles and absorb heavy dips in the sand or mud.

At Altitude Jeep, we offer a wide range of high-quality aftermarket Jeep lift kits ranging from one to four inches of clearance to give you the height and shock absorbance you need for your specific ride.

Add Traction

The final key component of getting your Jeep Wrangler off-road ready is a nice new set of shoes. A quality set of all-terrain Jeep tires feature a reinforced tread compound that allows for longer wear, enhanced wet weather capability, and superior cut and chip resistance — meaning they can take on just about any surface that you want to ride.

There are a wide variety of tires made for Jeeps to meet the needs of every rider’s style and terrain preference. If you are looking to get your Jeep dirty in the mud, we recommend the Mickey Thompson Baja Tire.

Along with more traction for easier climbs and less slippage, aftermarket Jeep all-terrain tires are bigger, which means even more added clearance for your Jeep on top of the amount provided by your lift kit. In fact, a lift kit is a requirement in order to get the bigger all terrain tires.

By upgrading to a 35-inch tire, you would need at least a 2.5-inch lift. If you go to a tire that is 37 inches or larger, your Jeep will require at least a 4-inch lift.

You may be asking, “do I need to have the big tires or will just a lift kit suffice?” While this is certainly acceptable, we recommend having both as the only way to increase the ground clearance for your axles is with larger aftermarket Jeep tires.

From all of us here at Altitude Jeep, we hope that these helpful tips will help you get your Jeep ready to hit the trails this season. If you need any aftermarket Jeep parts, whether for off-roading or simply to amplify your style, browse our full selection of products to elevate your ride today.

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