Moab: The Ultimate Jeep Vacation

If you haven’t planned a trip to Moab, Utah, to crawl some red rocks or take your Jeep Wrangler out cruising along the Colorado River, make this your summer!
People from across the country and around the world bring their Jeeps to the Utah desert to take on some of off-roadings most difficult obstacles. There’s something for everyone in Moab, from beginner trails to ones that will challenge you and your Jeep!

Moab is known for its 4X4 and backcountry trails. There are plenty of places to rent rigs, so you don’t even need your own vehicle. Though if you’re here at Altitude Jeep we’re pretty sure you do and have invested in some custom Jeep parts, maybe even blue spider eyes?

Order those custom Jeep parts you’ve been eyeing all winter here and start planning the ultimate Jeep vacation: a trip to Moab.

Here are just a few of our favorite of our favorite off-road Jeep trails in Moab:


Hell’s Revenge: 14 Miles, Difficult

We have to start our list with the most iconic, and heavily traveled, Jeep trail in all of Moab. It’s home to challenging obstacles like the Escalator, the Car Wash, Mickey’s Hot Tub, and Tip-Over Challenge. Along the wild ride you’ll also have the chance to see the LaSalle mountains, a classic Moab vista.

If you feel confident with your Jeep, its custom Jeep parts, and your ability to off-road, you should shoot through Hell’s Gate, which earns its name by scoring an eight off-road rating — the ultimate challenge. No shame if you’re not gutsy enough to go for it, you can still watch other (overly confident) people roll backwards down the red rock hill.

This trail may be one of the most crowded, but it’s well worth waiting for your chance to ride!

Poison Spider Mesa: 36 Miles, Difficult

This long trail offers incredible views of the areas surrounding Moab, including Behind The Rocks, the Colorado River, Moab Valley, and the La Sal Mountains. If you haven’t off-roaded since last season, this trail is a good place to sharpen up your skills. Poison Spider will challenge you with the classics — edges, dips, and climbs — that all lead up a high main obstacle that requires some straddling to get over.

Poison Spider Mesa will test your tire placement and Altitude Jeep recommends a run on a few of the more moderate trails before tackling this beast. You want to make sure you don’t damage your custom Jeep parts by rolling backwards!

Gemini Bridge Trail: 14 Miles, Easy

We started off the list with two of the hardest Jeep trails in Moab, but our choice for a warm up or first-time off-roading trail is the Gemini Bridge Trail. The trail gets its name from the iconic Gemini Bridges, one of the unique geologic features of the Moab area that you should definitely see! If you like to get out of the rig and onto a bike, there are several singletrack mountain bike trails that run along the Gemini Bridges.

We also recommend this trail for beginners because it combines paved road and off-road. The start is 48 miles from Moab and only 14 miles are off road.

Shafer Trail: 18 Miles, Easy

Shafer is another easy route that combines paved and off-road trail. It begins at HWY 279, or Potash Road. As you reach the end of the highway, you start climbing a narrow, old-mining road up toward Canyonlands National Park.

This trail offers amazing views of the Colorado River, Thelma and Louise Point, and the La Sal Mountains. Before you head out, know that it is not for those who are afraid of heights! The trail has pretty severe drop offs and steep cliffs.

Moab Rim: 15 Miles, Very Difficult

If you’ve already put your driving skills and custom Jeep parts to the test on the difficult trails and are ready for an even more intense challenge, then Moab Rim is for you! The trail begins on the south side of the Colorado River and reaches the park boundary, where Moab meets Behind the Rocks Wilderness Study area.
The trail features an 1,877-foot elevation change up or down, depending on which way you go on the trail. There are off-camber climbs and obstacles that will tilt your windshield toward the 800-foot drop down to the Colorado River. This is a trail for adrenaline junkies. Definitely not for the faint of heart or those new to driving on Moab red rock.

Klondike Bluffs: 14 Miles, Easy to Moderate

Klondike is our choice for that middle of the road challenge. This trail is overlooks Arches National Park, which is right next door to Moab. Also known as the Klondike Bluff Dinosaur Track, you can view well-preserved dinosaur tracks in the slick rock. Considered to be the best dinosaur tracks in Moab, this feature is a unique piece of geologic history. Snap a photo of you and your Jeep's custom Jeep parts in front of these fossils!

Chicken Corners: 41 Miles, Moderate

Most of Chicken Corners is an easy ride, with the exception of a few rocky spots that give it the moderate ranking. If you enjoy a more casual off-road adventure, we at Altitude Jeep recommend spending a day on the Chicken Corners OHV trail. From Chicken Corners itself, you can look across the river and see the iconic point that Thelma and Louise drove over into the Colorado River.

To do the entire trail, give yourself plenty of time. Allocating six hours would give you plenty of time to see the sites and have a relaxing lunch on the road. This is a popular route, so starting out early is your best bet to have the road to yourself. We think you should take the option to go through Hurrah pass where the road follows the cliff edge and you have breathtaking views.

Extend the trip by driving far in and camping in a dispersed camping site. Getting a little off the road means you can enjoy the spectacular landscape with no one else around!

Altitude Jeep

Located in Littleton, we are Colorado-built and are proud to provide Jeep lovers everywhere with the best selection of custom Jeep parts and accessories. We have a variety of collections, including Jeep grills, exhaust systems, lift kits, and more.

Whether you’re a rock crawling off-road junkie, an overlander, or simply a Wrangler Jeep rider that likes to cruise the open road, there is a kind of Moab adventure for you! Likewise, in our online aftermarket Jeep shop, there is sure to be a Jeep accessory or another custom Jeep part for you to elevate your ride and ensure you have the most unique vehicle in the campsite. Browse our collections today!

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