The Best Must-Have Jeep Off-Road Accessories

In this week’s blog, we at Altitude Jeep thought it would be beneficial to outline some of the best off-road Jeep accessories we have to offer online to you to help you get the most out of your jeeping experience and elevate your ride.



Dead Pedal (Automatic)

When you’re out on the trails, nothing is worse than having leg cramps get in the way of your good time. Having this dead pedal gives you a fake pedal in the open space next to your door to prop up your foot instead of holding it back going over bumps. It’s guaranteed to make your off-road experience a whole lot more enjoyable. The dead pedal is for automatic Jeep Wranglers only, as the clutch does not allow room.

Foot Pegz (Manual)

If you drive a manual Jeep Wrangler and also want to experience more freedom for your feet, you can try out our foot pegz. Perfect for those off-roading days with the top off and the doors nowhere to be seen, you can stretch your legs and enjoy the ride — even feel the wind between your toes if that fancies you. Foot pegz are incredibly simple to install, fitting into the stock lower door hinge pin without needing to put any extra holes into your precious Wrangler.

Smittybilt Trail Mirrors

These bad boys were made for making off-roading easy. With these trail mirrors, you can take off your doors anytime, anywhere without the hassle of changing out the mirrors in order to remain street legal. They feature a quick-release design for incredibly fast installation and removal from the mounts. They also mount at the same height as your stock mirrors, ensuring you don’t lose any side and rear visibility.

Grab Handles

Add some comfort and style to your Jeep for even the roughest of off-road ventures with our custom-painted, American-made grab handles for JK Wranglers. These handy off-road Jeep accessories can be installed in minutes and offer an easy way to get in and out of your Jeep, especially if you’ve got a heavy-duty lift kit.



This is our favorite of all our Jeep off-road accessories because it turns any Jeep into a camper! No longer do you have to bring your off-roading adventures to an end because you have to make the trip back home or to the hotel. The NitePad® allows you to make the most of your Jeep fitting perfectly into the back for a surprisingly comfortable night’s sleep. That way, you can get up at the crack of dawn and be back to off-roading in a matter of minutes.


Hi-Lift® Jack Cover

Another essential Jeep accessory for off-roading, this neoprene jack cover is made for the Hi-Lift® jack that most off-roaders carry, or at least should. The neoprene covers the main lifting mechanism, as it is vital to protect this from the elements and prevent dirt and mud from accumulating inside while it’s mounted on the back of your Jeep. This ensures that your Hi-Lift® jack will always be ready to go when and where you need it for years to come.

Bottle Opener

While this Jeep accessory might not be essential, it is a must-have in our minds for the best off-roading experience. Simple, yet effective, it will pair well with summer nights under the stars when you break out the NitePad® and kick back, crack open a cold one, and relax in your Jeep.

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