Off-Roading: East Coast Vs. West Coast

Off-roading is one of our customer’s favorite things to do in our Jeeps. There’s something about splash wheeling through creeks, climbing up rock faces, or straddling a rock ledge that gets our adrenaline pumping in a way only a Jeep owner understands.

Altitude Jeep is proud to provide Jeep lovers across the country with the best selection of aftermarket custom Jeep parts and accessories. Our customers are driving their unique rigs on trails from coast to coast. We like to stir the pot with the people reading our blog and pose the eternal question: who has the best off-roading trails — east coast or west coast?

Let the Jeep off begin!

BLM Land

West Coast wins hands-down for free dispersed camping on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land. When driving through western states, you can park and camp in any BLM designated area and renegade camp for the night. Pretty much any place you camp you can find miles of trails to take your Jeep and its custom jeep parts out for a drive.

Western states have pretty much any type of landscape you could want, from mountains to coast lines to sand dunes. Imagine going from sand-slinging on coral pink dunes to crawling over red rock to navigating a cliff at 9,000 feet all in the same road trip. That’s the diversity of public land in the western states.

If you’re heading west, check out these places for some wild off-roading on public lands:

  • San Juan Mountains, Colorado
  • Sand Hollow, Utah
  • Oregon beaches from Warrenton to Gearhart
  • Tillamook, Oregon
  • Mt. Hood and Tahuya State Park, Washington
  • Moab, Utah

One of the most difficult things about East Coast off-roading is accessibility of lands to explore. There are state forest and logging roads in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, which offer remote and challenging trails. George Washington National Forest in Virginia also offers a well developed trail system on public land. Primitive camping is free in the forest in any area without a “no camping” sign. If you prefer some flexibility between dispersed camping and traditional camping, there are tent and trailer campsites in the Brandywine Recreation Area or lodging in Harrisburg.

Even though the East Coast may have fewer large expanses of BLM land or public land, there are more cities and service options in case you’ve flipped your rig and need to give some love to one of your custom jeep parts.

Winter Off-Roading

The East Coast is known for its gnarly winters, which is the reason we’re giving winter off-roading to New Hampshire and the rest of the Appalachian Chain. Those in Colorado may beg to differ, but we say leave snowboarding to the Rockies and take your Jeep out east.

The White Mountains in New Hampshire — which cover a quarter of the state — is one of the best places you can go for winter and late fall off-roading. The White Mountains are home to Mt. Washington, which stands at 6,288 feet above sea level and is known for having some of the worst winter weather in the world. If you’re gutsy enough to brave freezing temperatures, dense fog, and heavy snow, you should take on this off-road challenge! After all, aren’t challenges what it’s all about?

Overland Trails

The latest craze in the Jeep world is overlanding, which is basically a long term, off-road adventure, where you’re camping or sleeping inside your vehicle. Overland trails criss cross the entire US, connecting both our coasts and they’re a great way to put your custom Jeep parts to the test. We bet they’ll look just as good with a coating of long distance dust.

Representing the West Coast in Overland Trails is the Rubicon Trail in Georgetown, California. Wrangler’s Rubicon — the most off-road worthy Wrangler Jeep — is named after this trail, which runs 22 miles over granite from Georgetown to Tahoma. We recommend getting a lift kit and larger tires, as well as keeping that spare on hand [LINK] if you attempt this monster of a trail!

From the East Coast, the best overland trail is  the outdoor dune playground that is North Carolina’s Outer Banks. There are no paved roads on the most remote island, South Core Bank, and you can camp anywhere you want along the beach for the perfect overland trip.

One of our favorite overland trails anywhere in the country is the Trans-America trail, a nearly 5,00 mile coast-to-coast off-pavement trail that starts in Tennessee and winds all the way to Oregon. It was originally designed for motorcycles. The first larger vehicle to complete the route was a Land Rover LR4, but we all know driving it in a Jeep would be way more fun.

And The Winner Is...

Colorado. Well, when we pooled our Littleton, Colorado Altitude Jeep employees what their favorite state for Jeep off-roading is, they all picked our Colorado Rockies. But if we’re being fair, off-roading on either coast is a unique adventure. We at Altitude Jeep have a soft spot for Colorado off-roading since we’re based in Littleton Colorado. But we’ve heard about incredible trails from our customers all around the US — don’t forget about the midwest! Wherever you go, you’re bound to find a trail that will challenge you and your Jeep!

Altitude Jeep

Located in Littleton, we are Colorado-built and are proud to provide Jeep lovers on the east coast, west coast, and around the world with the best selection of custom Jeep parts and accessories. We have a variety of collections, including Jeep grills, exhaust systems, lift kits, and more.

Whether you’re a rock crawling off-road junkie, an overlander, or simply a Wrangler Jeep rider who likes to cruise the open road, Altitude Jeep has something for you in our online aftermarket Jeep shop! Browse our collections today!

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