Tips For Buying Aftermarket Jeep Parts For Your New Build

The old adage of “built, not bought” is one that is important to many Jeep owners, and we can relate. The modular nature of Jeeps and how they can be customized and “built” is one of the aspects that attracts the standout individualist owner to the vehicle brand. If you are a new Jeep owner and aren’t familiar with what a “built” Jeep is, see our previous blog on Jeep lingo in order to get the gist of some of the items we’ll be covering in this post.  

While buying custom Jeep parts is a no-brainer for most Jeep owners who have any interest in getting the most out of their off-roading experience, determining where to buy these aftermarket Jeep accessories can be a little more tricky.

Local Jeep Shops

When it comes to where to buy your custom Jeep parts, there is certainly no shortage of options available to you. Many people will first look around for a local auto parts store to buy the Jeep accessories they need. While these can be convenient and reliable resources, the major downside of going to these big-box auto retailers is that the costs are usually high and they also don’t offer much when it comes to custom Jeep parts that will help you to stand out from the pack.   

Online Jeep Shops

Another option that is becoming increasingly preferred by many Jeep owners today is online Jeep stores. There are many online stores out there selling custom Jeep parts, but make sure you patronize a reliable online store like Altitude Jeep for your quality custom Jeep parts.

Order Custom Jeep Parts Altitude Jeep

Making use of the internet to browse through available parts will save you time, money, and ultimately help you make a more informed decision prior to purchasing. While stopping in your local auto shop to purchase parts can be convenient, placing your custom Jeep parts order online and having them shipped to your front door in just a few days certainly rivals it. It is that simple.


Look For Reputable Jeep Parts Suppliers

When determining if a company is suitable for ordering your custom Jeep parts from, whether they be local or online, it’s always important to seek out reviews and testimonials. The last thing you want is to be the beta test for a company that is bringing a brand new product to market or has yet to prove themselves in providing valuable customer service to their Jeep customers.

So be sure to always check the company’s reviews online from previous buyers to see how their experience was purchasing from the company prior to ordering your custom Jeep parts. Many online Jeep shops will even have reviews for their specific custom Jeep parts, so you can hear from other owners how their parts are working for them and their builds. This gives you peace of mind when ordering your custom Jeep parts that they will perform to your expectations.


Now that you know how to go about choosing a reputable company for ordering your custom Jeep parts, next is knowing what are the mods you should look into installing for your Jeep!

Don’t feel that you need to order all your custom Jeep parts at one time, as most Jeep owners progress their Jeep build over time — even decades in some cases. But for getting started on your Jeep build, the following are what we recommend be your first purchases to get started on your journey of building the ultimate off-road beast.

First Custom Jeep Parts To Buy: Jeep Suspension Kits and Wheels And Tires

There are few things sadder than a stock Jeep on its little stock-size tires without a suspension lift. Sure, these stock Jeeps are still loved dearly, but clearly they are not being used to their full potential. All Jeeps need love, and it’s time to stop rampant Jeep suspension neglect.

All right — enough ranting. But honestly, an aftermarket lift kit is one of the best ways to improve the look and off-road performance of any Jeep. The stance gives the Jeep a more aggressive look, and the tires let everyone know that this Jeep gets used in the dirt (and not just in highway traffic).


Second Custom Jeep Parts To Buy: Aftermarket Headlights

When it comes to comparing factory headlights to aftermarket LED headlights, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. For the first-time Jeep owner, this means you probably don’t know how underpowered those dim, weak factory lights are until you check out aftermarket Jeep LED lighting.

LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, are currently one of the hottest modifications around simply because their light output at both low and high beam is close to double the factory headlight output. Better yet, despite this ultra-powerful light, the amp draw on LEDs is surprisingly less than half what factory lights require.

With more power, less energy, and more affordability than other aftermarket headlight options like HID and Xenon, it’s no wonder LED lights have jumped to the front of the line as a go-to for custom Jeep parts. This just goes to show how much lighting technology has changed over the years and why it’s essential to get your Wrangler up to date with the times.

Within the spectrum of LED upgrades, there are essentially two types of headlights: reflector style and projector style housings. Both are great options and the difference between the two styles is how they go about projecting the light down the road and the output pattern of light you see on the road surface.

Reflector Style LED Headlights look similar to the factory light, with a clear lens and fluted reflector at the back of the housing. The LEDs are positioned in the center of the housing and bounce light off the reflector. These lights are usually divided into an upper and lower half, for low and high beam respectively.

Projector Style LED Headlights have a very distinct appearance. By positioning the LED behind a lens and cut-off shield, the light is more focused and the cut-off pattern of the light is much sharper than reflector style LEDs. This creates a more even pattern of light on the road. Projector style headlights also utilize separate LED and projector lenses for high and low beams, with some even featuring additional lenses for peripheral lighting to really light the road ahead.

Of course, with the additional lenses, the cost of projector style lights is usually slightly more than a reflector style LED. However, both offer great advantages over the stock factory Jeep lights. Overall, it comes down to personal preference in style, look, and how much cash you're willing to shell out.

We hope these tips help you get moving in the right direction when it comes to starting your Jeep build and ordering the best of the best when it comes to custom Jeep parts.

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When you’re ready to order your custom Jeep parts, take a look at the variety of quality aftermarket items we have to offer you at Altitude Jeep to elevate your ride.


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