Tips For Summer Jeep Camping

It’s time for summer jeep camping! The days are getting longer, you’ve cleaned your Wrangler (we’ve got some tips here if you’ve been putting it off), and you’re ready to head out on the road!

Here at Altitude Jeep, it’s our humble opinion that Jeep camping is the best kind of camping. And we make sure you have everything you need — from custom Jeep parts to Jeep accessories like Jeep grills and aggressive mugz — to feel at home in your unique Jeep as you head out on the road this summer.


Camping is a chance to reconnect with nature. It’s also a chance to revitalize relationships with your adventure buddies or spend some much needed time alone. We know that camping means different things to different people, but we also know that part of the Jeep lifestyle is hitting the road and finding adventure.

We’ve put together a few tips for summer camping, including what to bring if you’re looking for a traditional camping experience or a wilderness adventure.

Traditional, Campground Camping: Get Yourself A Jammock

Add jammock to your Jeep vocabulary. And add it to the packing list along with your other custom Jeep parts and Jeep swag for your next camping trip. The beauty is its simplicity — simply remove the top and hang your Jeep hammock from the driver’s side roll bar to the sound bar. Then hang out in the sun.
The jammock is comfortable enough to sleep in, and if there aren’t too many mosquitos and no chance of rain, you can definitely spend the night up there. You can also put down the backseat and roll out a sleeping bag and pad if you’re into the bare-bones approach. There are also inflatable Jeep-specific mattresses you can throw down for extra cushion.

If you’re looking for a little more comfort, or have travel partners, we at Altitude Jeep suggest investing in a tent that fits your lifestyle. We won’t waste your time discussing traditional, standalone tents, but there are some cool Jeep accessories like tent-attachments and awning rooms made specifically for your Jeep. Jeep truck tents are a great investment. They can fit behind, on top, or beside your Jeep Wrangler and are an excellent custom Jeep part for summer camping.

You can also attach a pop-up to your hitch for ultimate comfort. There are pop-up trailers targeted at Jeep owners, which are a really good, durable, and spacious option if you have four adults or kids on your trip. Some can carry up to 400 extra pounds of gear as well. Coming back to the comfort of a trailer after a long ride out on the trail beats sleeping in a rig or standalone tent!

When we’re out at a campsite with other Jeep owners, we always discuss our vehicles and what trails we’re planning on driving the next day. We love Jeeps, and we understand the passion behind owning the ultimate vehicle. And we love when we pull into a campground and discover Jeeps with unique custom Jeep parts that reflect the owner. A camping trip is a great time to pick up a new Jeep grill, a fresh hood, or those headlights you’ve been eyeing all winter! Shop all of Altitude Jeep’s collections here and elevate your ride for summer!


Dispersed Camping, Boondocking, And Renegade Camping: Leave No Trace

Have you always had the itch to go off the grid and live as close to nature as possible? Dispersed Jeep camping — camping outside of a designated campground on public lands — is your chance to good out into the wilderness and collect some dead bugs and mud on your Jeep grill! Dispersed camping is the best way to get a taste of that renegade lifestyle while still having a home and electricity to return to after your trip.

While campgrounds offer their own unique community, they can also sometimes feel like a giant parking lot. Luckily, the U.S. Forest Service manages and maintains 154 national forests and 20 grasslands in 44 states across the US and you can set up camp in almost all of these! You can take your Jeep out and explore these wilderness locations in a way that is simply not possible with traditional camping.

Another benefit of dispersed camping (also known as boondocking or renegade camping) is that you often don’t have to pay a campsite fee. Many Jeep owners opt to mix boondocking and traditional camping to reduce the price of their adventures or extend them while staying within their original budget.
If you’re planning to try out renegade camping, there are a few rules and regulations you need to keep in mind:

  • Put up camp away from water sources
  • Bring plenty of water and a water purifier/filter
  • Properly store your food. Protect yourself, and wildlife like beers
  • Use only dead or down wood for fires
  • Obey burn bans (you don’t want to start a forest fire) and completely extinguish your fires
  • Bury human waste
  • Leave your fireworks and fire arms at home
  • Stay off roads and trails that are blocked by a gate, sign, earthen mound, or other physical barrier

It can seem like it will take a lot of effort to comply with these rules, but after a few trips, they become just a part of preparing for a trip, like power washing the Jeep grill or securing the tire rack and spare tire.  After all, you’re going out to enjoy the wilderness and following these rules preserves it for other adventures!

Other things to consider on your wilderness adventure is land use when off-roading are leaving the gates the way you found them; yielding the right of way to any mountain bikers, hikers, and horses you may find on the trail; and minding your dust on the trail. Also, save your drinking for back at the campsite while watching the sunset. Drinking and driving is a bad idea anywhere, but especially in the wilderness where you are far away from help.

Check out the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) website and the National Forest website for more information about dispersed camping. We suggest doing your research and considering what type of custom Jeep parts you might need for your adventure.

Altitude Jeep

Located in Littleton, we are Colorado-built and are proud to provide Jeep lovers everywhere with the best selection of custom Jeep parts and accessories. We have a variety of collections, including Jeep grills, exhaust systems, lift kits, and more.

Where you’re a rock crawling off-road junkie, an overlander, or simply a Wrangler Jeep rider that likes to cruise the open road, there is a type of summer Jeep camping for you! Likewise, in our online aftermarket Jeep shop, there is sure to be a Jeep accessory or another custom Jeep part for you to elevate your ride and ensure you have the most unique vehicle in the campsite. Browse our collections today!

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