Want to be sponsored?  Here at Altitude Jeep we sponsor all Jeep Wranglers!  Everyone loves free Jeep parts, and we want to help you Elevate Your Jeep Wrangler!
Here is how our sponsorship program works:
1.) Send an email to john@altitudejeep.com with your name, a picture of your Jeep, the year of your Jeep, and why you want to be an affiliate of Altitude Jeep!
2.) Once approved, we'll give you a 10% Off discount code.  This code will be specific to you, and will be used to track your referrals.  This code will give all your friends and referrals 10% off their orders with us.
3.) For everything you refer, we give you 5% back! So if you refer someone to us and they buy a $100 set of headlights, you'll get $5 to spend at our store!  The more referrals your drive, the more cash back you get!
4.) Get FREE Goodies!  Once you sign up, we'll send you some decals and stickers for your Jeep. Once you pass $300 in sales, we'll send you a FREE Altitude Jeep T Shirt!
5.) You may use your discount code for your orders, however sales only count towards your rewards if they come from your referrals, not you.
We work on a Tier Based Program:
$0 - $1,500 = 5% Back
$1501 - $5,000 = 10% Back
$5001 - $10,000 = 15% Back
$10,001 & up = 20% Back