Why buy from us?

You ever hear the saying?  "Often imitated, never duplicated." 

  • We only use US suppliers and distributors for off the shelf parts.  We want our customers to have their products in days, not weeks or even months. We strive to make this happen!  The only reason this would ever be any different would be back orders and custom made items shipped directly from a manufacturer.
  • We only use suppliers that honor their warranty.  There are many imitators out there, and we have used a few in the past that had products similar or complimentary to ours.  However, we quit using them if they refuse to honor warranties. 
  • We sell better quality products.  We have learned through experience which manufacturers to trust, which companies back and carry a good product, and those that have our best interests at heart.  You know that Oracle grill with the led lines?  We can get you that, however, it lacks quality and has the worst reviews.  So until something changes or they get the bugs worked out, we wont sell it.  Love it or hate it, it's definitely unique.  But it's just one example of screening products we do to offer good quality at competitive prices.
  • We will try our darndest to give you the best experience and customer service you deserve.
  • We are honest and follow the best business practices.
  • We are just like you: We are American, but more importantly, we are a small family owned business, not to big and complicated by corporate nonsense.  We have great morals and family values.  We believe in customer service and hospitality.  We value our reputation, reviews, and how people see us.  We aren't out to take advantage of anyone.  We just want to live the American Dream, like everyone else in the US.
  • And we are grateful:  For customers like you.  For the opportunities to provide our customers what we have to offer.  And, for the many other opportunities set out before us in this great nation, day, and age.